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Covering a broad range of wireless technologies, TechPats specializes in Cellular and WiFi, and has expertise in Blue­tooth, NFC, WiMAX, satellite, ZigBee and Z-Wave. In addition to lab and field testing, our technical experts have extensive experience in R&D and wireless standards.

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Systems and Software

Modern MCUs and SoCs typically operate in conjunction with some form of software or firmware. TechPats’ software and firmware analysis capabilities can often extract a target device’s firmware or software for analysis in view of certain claim elements of a patent to help unlock value in system level patents for areas previously thought too difficult.

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With our diverse semiconductor expertise covering architecture, circuit, process and package technology areas, TechPats can help our clients achieve their business and strategic IP goals in Semi. As the industry is still rapidly evolving, it takes a creative and flexible approach with agile execution to help clients achieve their goals.

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The experts at TechPats are some of the people who helped develop and build the foundations for today’s telecom­munications, broadband, VoIP, and cable industries. Whether the modern applications are Cloud services, Internet of Things com­munications, or new standards, TechPats has maintained our leading expertise and lab capabilities in telecom.

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Claim Charts

In patent litigation, Claims Charts are used to illustrate how a real-world product or service is allegedly infringing a patent claim–element by element. The experts at TechPats are able to identify and investigate potentially infringing products or services and document the alleged infringement in an Evidence of Use chart (EoU) or a litigation-ready Claim Chart.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering, in the world of Patents and IP, is typically utilized to determine if there is unauthorized use of someone else’s Intellectual Property in a product or process. The team at TechPats is here to aid your investigation of potentially infringing systems, devices, and components through RE and testing.

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Testing and Lab Services

TechPats has laboratories in our Philadelphia and Ottawa offices as well as field-testing equipment. Learn more about our many capabilities in Wireless, Semi, Systems and Software, Telecom, and Content Delivery, and feel free to reach out to see if we can develop a custom solution for your IP needs. 

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IP Monetization Strategy

Intellectual Property, including Patents, is an asset class that may be valued and monetized. TechPats understands the incredible invest­ment of time and resources in research, development, patent prosecution and maintenance. We can help our clients identify value in their IP through supporting licensing campaigns, sales and acquisitions, and litigation.

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”TechPats is consistent in going above and beyond for our projects. Their team delivers on time results and brings immediate impact to our patent program.” 

Bill Goldman - VP, Intellectual Property, Kudelski Group

“We have engaged with TechPats many times over the years, for a number of projects and clients. Their in-house team of experts have provided tremendous value and results for both our team and our clients.”

Doug Nash - Partner, Barclay Damon LLP

“TechPats is a great group of IP professionals. All TechPats experts have an excellent track record in the IP world. When it comes to IP analysis and valuation, TechPats continues to have a significant impact both in North America and worldwide. I highly recommend the services of TechPats.”

Khaled Fekih-Romdhane, Longhorn IP

“TechPats’ technical capabilities never disappoint and their creative, customer focused deal making attitude is a rare find in any single organization. Highest kudos.”

Erik Smith - Fortress Investment Group

About us

Meet the team around TechPats

In the high-stakes arena of Intellectual Property, results are key and our people are at the core of our success. Providing superior patent monetization support, IP strategy, and RE and lab testing services would not be possible without fielding the best team of IP legal experts, registered patent agents, and technical staff. At TechPats, our in-house team of patent consultants and subject matter experts is ready to serve our clients with a combination of experience and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry.

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About us

TechPats is the world’s leading full-service Intellectual Property consulting firm. We bring together patent expertise, technical excellence, and business acumen across a wide range of markets and technologies. 

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