TechPats Attends the 8th annual Patent Information Annual Conference of China (PIAC) Conference

TechPats Attends the  8th annual Patent Information Annual Conference of China (PIAC) Conference


TechPats was invited to the 8th annual Patent Information Annual Conference of China (PIAC) conference, held in Beijing, on Sept 5-6, 2017. The conference, hosted by Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. ,had a goal to ‘”Bring Together for Better”, gathering delegates from IP offices, in-house counsels, IP attorneys, patent experts, as well as patent information service providers. The conference attracted more than 8,000 participants, 76 exhibitors, and included 78 speakers, making it the biggest IP conference in terms of number of participants.  The message from Chinese IP industry leaders conveyed at the conference was that the country is moving from “made in China” to “created in China”, which signals an increased focus on patent quality, incentives for patent transaction and support for strong legal system.

While TechPats has been highly active in Asia, mainly in Japan and Taiwan, the company has started several successful programs for clients in China, bringing 20 years of trusted patent monetization and IP support services. This experience made TechPats uniquely qualified to speak at the conference’s Evolving Global Patent Monetization Market session.

Marek Wernik, President of TechPats Canada presented to an audience of hundreds of mainly Chinese patent professionals entitled: Staging Successful Patent Transactions in an Evolving Global Patent Monetization Market.

PIAC CPAC Intellectual Property TechPats
TechPats’s presentation covered two main topics:

  • Global patent monetization market trends, and
  • Success factors in planning and executing patent transactions.

In the presentation, TechPats shared several insights from its years of being engaged in the global IP monetization market. Specifically, regarding Asia and China market, Dr. Wernik’s presentation pointed out that IP industry in Asia is quickly maturing when taking into account several factors, including the production of quality IP by corporations, government incentives for IP transaction, licensing and litigation activity as well as corporate willingness to buy and/or sell patents. While patent enforcement becomes challenging in the US, companies have started to consider other jurisdictions for defensive/offensive patent enforcement and China has become one of such jurisdiction, along with Germany and the UK.

Dr. Wernik’s presentation subsequently examined several representative cases of successful global patent transactions and demonstrated that successful patent transactions require strategic planning and solid due-diligence:

  • Understanding the impact on own business and transaction partner business goals;
  • Solid technical and patent due-diligence with validity assessment done early in the process;
  • Business cases factoring global case law, encumbrances including FRAND considerations, risk factors, royalty discounts and fair market value.

To download the detailed presentation offered for this session, which include updated heat maps and other illustrations, click here.

TechPats Hires New Vice President to Ottawa Office

TechPats Hires New Vice President to Ottawa Office


TechPats, the world’s leading full-service IP consulting firm, has announced that it has hired Ron Oliver to the newly created position of Vice President of Client Services.

Mr. Oliver will be leveraging his nearly 20 years of high-tech industry experience to further expand and enhance client services offerings.  He will be based out of the company’s Ottawa office.

“We are very excited to have Ron join our growing team,” states Chris Wichser, CEO of TechPats. “His extensive tech experience and patent knowledge make him a great resource for our clients.”

Most recently, Ron held executive and management roles with companies that include Huawei, where he was responsible for growing research partnerships with Canadian Universities and Canadian tech startup companies.  Prior to that, he worked as a Director at patent licensing company WiLAN, where he was responsible for licensing their DTV/Display and Wireless patent portfolios and managing several partnerships.

“TechPats represents the industry standard when it comes to technical expertise and customer service,” stated Mr. Oliver. “I’m eager to join TechPats at this time and to contribute to their continued rapid growth.”

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TechPats Attends IAM’s Inaugural IP Software Summit

TechPats Attends IAM’s Inaugural IP Software Summit


TechPats San FranciscoLast Thursday, TechPats attended the IP Software Summit, presented by IAM, held at the Presidio of San Francisco. The IP Software Summit was built to provide a new platform for professionals from the software industry to discuss the scope of protection, collaboration, and monetization regarding software intellectual property. The panel format allowed in-depth discussions as well as questions from the audience on a variety of legal and technological topics.

As expected, a significant focus of the conference was subject matter eligibility of software patents in the US, Europe, and beyond. Several panels addressed the continuing effects of the US Supreme Court’s 2014 Alice decision on software and business method patents, emphasizing the developments made since, as well as the need for further court guidance and legislative action. Discussions of the “inventive step” analysis used by Europe and several other patent systems brought conversations concerning when prior art should be used in determinations of subject matter eligibility and patentability.

Attendees included licensing executives, in-house counsel, inventors, engineers, and IP practitioners—including several panelists touting the benefits of working with Open Source communities. Once thought to be oil and vinegar, protecting IP in open source software is growing in popularity when accomplished within the cooperative spirit. While patents took center stage most of the event, the panelists stressed their utilization of other IP rights to protect internet applications and cloud software, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the new Defend Trade Secrets Act.

Some of the highlights of the conference came from the discussions of Silicon Valley’s “true feelings” towards software patents. While the consensus was that tech companies do not actually hate the patent system, the panelists spoke of a need to balance protecting their company’s own portfolio and minimizing risk of frivolous litigation.

With a panorama overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, and a great blend of local, national, and global attendees, the San Francisco location could not have been better. TechPats, a proud sponsor of the event, also enjoyed seeing many clients, partners, and colleagues.

TechPats Hires New Vice President

TechPats Hires New Vice President


TechPats, the world’s leading full-service IP consulting firm, has announced that it has hired William (Will) O’Donnell to the newly created position of Vice President of Corporate Strategy.

Will O'Donnell TechPats Vice PresidentBased in the company’s Philadelphia headquarters, Mr. O’Donnell will be focusing on the continued expansion of client services which includes providing market research and financial valuations for use in patent licensing and litigations. In addition, Mr. O’Donnell will be assisting in providing strategic advisory services, including M&A consulting, portfolio valuations, and other transactional based IP services.

“Will joins TechPats at a very exciting time for our company,” states Chris Wichser, CEO of TechPats. “The growth trajectory of our company will be further enhanced with the addition of Will and the deep level of IP management experience he brings to our team and our clients. We view his appointment as a sign of our continued commitment to being a leader in our industry.”

Most recently, Will served as the Director of Corporate Strategy at Newracom, a leading developer of next generation wireless technology. Prior to that, he served as Director of Business and Market Research at Conversant IP Management and led patent licensing valuations and competitive intelligence for InterDigital Communications.

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TechPats Attends Patent Law and Policy Conference in DC

TechPats Attends Patent Law and Policy Conference in DC


This past Tuesday, members of the TechPats team, including Kevin Rieffel , Counsel, attended IAM’s Patent Law and Policy conference at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, DC. With the theme of “Courts, Congress, and the Monetization Landscape” and timeliness of occurring a week after the U.S. election, the focus of the speakers was on problems in patent and IP laws and policies and pathways to improvements in consistency.

The handful of panels that followed USPTO Director Lee’s opening keynote remarks included prominent professors, top corporate counsel, leading litigators, well-known writers, and a few former patent office directors. Throughout the day there were 3 key themes with regard to strengthening the patent system, bolstering IP value, and promoting continued innovation.

Patent Reform

Recently a hot topic, competing bills in U.S. Congress regarding Patent Reform have taken a backseat. One reason for this could be the recent FTC report on “Patent Assertion Entity Activity” which addressed the issue of “patent trolls.” Most speakers acknowledged the impact of the FTC study as a positive framing of the conversation regarding litigation entities and portfolio entities and declaring the use of the words “trolls” as unproductive. While the problems of frivolous litigation and extorting demand letters have not fully vanished, the panels addressed recent changes in pleading standards, awarding attorney fees, and the ease of challenging patents with IPRs and under Alice as policies that have made the hurdles to patent assertion higher—regardless of a patent owner’s size or intentions.

On some of the panelists’ wishlists for next year were addressing subject matter eligibility under § 101 with better statutes and/or CAFC precedent, considerations in allowing juries to determine sections 102 and 103 validity issues, legislation to strengthen valid patents and discourage “efficient infringement,” and deep examination of venue shopping issues, especially with regard to the federal courts in Texas.

Inter Partes Review and the PTAB

Director Lee’s remarks referenced the Patent Trial and Appeal Board as a “valuable check on patent quality, particularly in the later part of a patent’s lifecycle” and set a tone for a discussion of the merits and difficulties of PTAB proceedings. The “patent death squad” narrative has survived despite improving statistics, but the conversations revolved around differing standards of proof, claim term interpretation, confirmation bias with institution and final decisions, rule-making authority by the director, as well as variations in levels of deference to alleged fact-finders at the examination or PTAB trial level.

The Trump Administration

On the heels of the big election, many attendees were contemplating how the new administration will handle Intellectual Property and patents. While the 2017 White House policy on patents seems to be fairly unpredictable at this point, no one expected drastic changes to come. Ideas that were discussed include how a populist-elected president would support small inventors and how a “Rust Belt” sentiment may affect patent policy. Also discussed was the potential for a new focus on pharmaceuticals over Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, without any concrete policies or speeches on patents coming from the president-elect’s team, any speculation for Mr. Trump being pro-IP came from his companies’ history of brand protection and campaign promises rooted in economic protectionism.

TechPats Moves Company Headquarters

TechPats Moves Company Headquarters


TechPats announced that it has moved its company headquarters to Glenside, PA. The company had spent the previous 18 years in Doylestown, PA.

The move is due to company growth and the desire to be in a more convenient location for its clients and staff.

“I am very proud to call Glenside our new home. Our team is thrilled to be in a more convenient location for our clients, just outside of the Philadelphia metro area, and we are excited to have a space that can accommodate our rapid growth,” says Chris Wichser, CEO of TechPats. “This is an exciting time for our company and for our industry and I’m certain we will continue to build on our legacy of quality, value, and expertise in our new location.”

The new address for TechPats is:

101 South Easton Road
Suite 200
Glenside, PA 19038

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Leading IP Consulting Firm TechPats Acquires GIS

Leading IP Consulting Firm TechPats Acquires GIS

Press Release


Doylestown, PA. February 2, 2015: TechPats, a US based company headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA, today announced it has acquired Global Intellectual Strategies (GIS), of Ottawa, Canada. TechPats is a patent consulting firm that forms strategic partnerships with their clients, empowering their client companies to grow their businesses, protect their intellectual property assets, and strategically position themselves for the future.

Chris Wichser, CEO of TechPats, stated, “We are excited about this combination and the joining of these two great companies. The addition of GIS and their highly skilled team of IP professionals expands our service offerings for current and future clients, and also expands our global reach.”

The acquisition positions TechPats as one of the premiere patent consulting firms in the world. The combined companies will have offices in Philadelphia, Ottawa, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Marek Wernik, CEO of GIS and now president of the combined companies, states, “TechPats’ team of experts and engineers is impressive and their leadership team’s vision for the future growth of the company and for meeting the needs of our clients is exciting. GIS has a proud history of service and commitment to our clients and we look forward to continuing our work as TechPats.”

About TechPats:
TechPats IP consulting focuses on portfolio development and management, patent monetization and IP litigation support. Across these main disciplines, TechPats’ team of experienced engineers, patent agents and attorneys offer comprehensive IP services that help companies realize, monetize, and protect their patents.

About GIS:
GIS was founded in August 2000. As a team of patent professionals and engineers, they will continue to provide patent and technical analysis in support of patent licensing & litigation, backed by in-house technical reverse engineering expertise. Their technical expertise is focused in the fields of wireless, electronic systems, semiconductors, audio/video, software, and communications.

For more information on the acquisition or to speak with a representative of TechPats, please click here.