Internet of Things (IoT)


TechPats IoT IP Experts North America AsiaThe Internet of Things (“IoT”) is a technology field that describes the improvement of everyday items through connecting devices to each other via the internet. Examples include everything from lamps controlled by your car’s GPS location to assembly line machines that text a manager when maintenance is required, or even smart cups that measure your water intake. Typically, a message is communicated from the sensors, through the cloud, to another device in order to carry out a function—all without a need for human interaction, after initial setup. Today, with smaller chips and abundant wireless connectivity, IoT is only really limited by your imagination.

While the terminology may be relatively new, the sensors, network communications, and processors are built on very familiar elements. Some of the biggest innovations in IoT are from recent developments in lower-power SoCs (system on a chip) and smaller batteries. Other advancements such as improved data speed and reliability may come from newer protocols that facilitate addressing devices. TechPats has been on the cutting edge of sensors and data communications with years of work in remote healthcare monitoring, automobile sensors, location-based services, e-commerce, and home automation, to name a few.

The experts at TechPats have a wealth of experience in:

  • Capturing and examining communications to and from the IoT device over wireless networks (e.g., Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-fi, 3G/4G/LTE/5G)
  • Testing and reverse engineering chipsets and semiconductors
  • Analyzing embedded software and microcontrollers
  • Evaluating power and energy consumption

With our state of the art laboratories and testing equipment, our technical expertise, and our proficiency in patent analysis, the experts at TechPats are the perfect partner for your IoT projects.