Patent Litigation Support

Comprehensive Support Services For IP Litigation

Patent litigation is a complicated and often drawn-out process, mainly due to the difficulty in understanding, construing of claims, and explaining technical terms and concepts. However, with patents expiring continually and with the pace of today’s business world, your company or client cannot afford to let a lengthy court battle hold up your operations, budget or overall IP strategy. The stakes are too high.

If you are currently engaged in IP litigation, you need patent infringement analysis or reverse engineering services that produce clear, detailed reports for your business or client to leverage in court – and you need them to be on time and on budget.

TechPats offers the following patent litigation support services to help you achieve those desired outcomes:

Patent Infringement Analysis

Under the supervision of counsel, we map client claims to potential infringers for a complete patent infringement analysis report. Drawing on decades of combined patent infringement case studies and experience, the TechPats staff follows through with comprehensive client support to ensure that your project is finished on time and within budget.

Patent Reverse Engineering

In support of infringement analysis, TechPats conducts intellectual property reverse engineering services for a variety of technologies. We have an in-house engineering staff and the laboratory facilities necessary to conduct IP reverse engineering on a range of electronics and software.

Patent Claim Charts

In order to directly support your determination of infringement, we create patent claim chart analysis through the inspection of product literature, testing, teardowns and a combination of other practices and tools. Also known as “claim maps” or “patent-product mappings,” these detailed patent claim charts are completed as TechPats works alongside your internal and external legal teams.

Intellectual Property Invalidity Analysis

As part of your IP litigation defense or acquisition due diligence, our engineers find and review patent, non-patent and product references to support your IP invalidity analysis. Under the supervision of counsel, TechPats also performs high-quality prior art searches, including an analysis of references and an in-depth discussion with counsel, where appropriate.

Expert Witness & Expert Reports

Our seasoned IP experts also support your patent litigation case with pre-litigation analysis, intellectual property discovery assistance, prior art analysis, litigation consulting, expert witness reports, deposition testimony and trial testimony.

Click below to learn more about the unique approach of our patent litigation support services:

  • IP Claim Defense
    With IP Claim Defense, your patent portfolio is protected from the infringement claims of competitors, letting you get back to business as usual. Let us take care of how to protect your intellectual property
  • Lab Services
    We support your IP litigation suit with the teardown and reverse engineering services you need to make the strongest case in court and achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Expert Witness
    TechPats’ testifying expert witnesses have supported dozens of client cases in various patent challenges and across multiple technologies. When our testifying experts decide to support a project, the clients and courts are continually satisfied with the technical expertise, efficiency, and integrity of our experts in litigation and PTAB trials.