Patent Claim Defense

Patent Infringement Protection You Can Count On

Once you have staked your intellectual property claim with a patent, the critical (and often more difficult) work of defending that patent claim begins. Whether you are protecting your IP against patent infringement or defending your products against the infringement patent claims of competitors, TechPats has the expertise you need for maximum IP protection.

With IP Patent Claim Defense from TechPats, you get in-depth process technology research, competitive analysis and reverse engineering services to help your counsel prepare evidence for any possible legal proceedings and achieve the best possible outcomes, such as:

  • Proving patent infringement has taken place and establishing appropriate fees for licensing or other financial compensation
  • Defending you against financial liability from those claiming your company’s infringement on their patent(s)

Patent Claim Support Services

The experts at TechPats deliver a full range of comprehensive IP litigation and patent claim support services, including:

  • Patent infringement analysis
  • Expert reports
  • Evidence of Use (EoU)
  • Invalidity analysis
  • Expert witness
  • Reverse engineering
  • Patent Claim charts

Do not let your competitors infringe on your intellectual property without consequence. Instead, call TechPats for IP litigation and patent claim chart support that helps keep your patent profits in your pocket.