Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering, in the world of Patents and IP, is typically utilized to determine if there is unauthorized use of someone else’s Intellectual Property in a product or process. While many of our subject matter experts have a strong familiarity with how many devices perform various functions, proving a component works in a specific way often requires peeking behind the curtain. For instance, in developing Evidence of Use or a Claim Chart [links], the documentation and inferences can likely only go so far in demonstrating that a device infringes the patent at issue.

Software extraction


“Teardown” is a general term for dismantling a product, documenting the model and manufacturer of each part or component, and photographing the disassembly to show where each piece is located in the device.

There are many reasons for performing a teardown:

  • Identifying each component
  • Identifying the manufacturer of each component
  • Pricing of each components (e.g., total parts costs, damages estimates)
  • Identifying the origin of each components
  • Circuit analysis

A tear-down report typically includes photographs and descriptions of all relevant features and components. To be more efficient and focused, TechPats’ clients generally prefer custom-tailored investigations that examine specific groups of components and how the parts function together.

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