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Patent Litigation Support

Patent Litigation Support


Leveraging Patent Litigation Support: From Protection To Profit

Do you need to defend your company’s intellectual property, or pursue a patent infringement case, but do not have the right tools or staff to generate the in-depth evidence required for court?

When patent litigation support becomes a reality for your company, you need the expert guidance and support of patent litigation services to work alongside your current inside or outside legal counsel. Partnering with a comprehensive IP litigation support service puts a high-level of experience on your side, empowering you to achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

When looking for patent litigation support services, you want a silent partner behind your patent litigation efforts who exemplifies expertise in intellectual property. This degree of support ensures you are taking the most efficient path to defend and monetize your intellectual property patents.

The following services encompass comprehensive patent litigation support:

  • Patent Infringement Analysis: The right patent litigation support service is going to help your company, alongside either in-house or outside counsel, map your claims to potential infringers through comprehensive client support.
  • Reverse Engineering: As a means of support to patent infringement analysis, your litigation support partner should conduct reverse engineering services where appropriate to prove and document infringement.
  • Claim Charts: Through inspection, testing and other practices, claim charts help you defend against patent infringement by aiding your counsel in building evidence for a strong case.
  • Invalidity Analysis: To build up your defense, your partner in IP litigation support unearths and reviews patent, non-patent and product references in order to identify and strengthen any potential invalidity.
  • Expert Witnesses: Partnering with the right patent litigation support services means you get built-in relationships with expert witnesses who are crucial when it comes to expert reports, depositions and trial testimony.

If you are an attorney working as either inside or outside counsel for a corporation, finding the right patent litigation partner is critical to your efforts, especially in terms of getting pre-trial preparation together quickly and efficiently to protect your company’s bottom line.

By fully utilizing IP litigation support, you strengthen your position in any litigation with which your company is involved. With the help of a silent partner, the evidence you ultimately bring to litigation is guaranteed to be robust and compelling.

When your courtroom presentation is clear and comprehensive, it is often easier to seek higher damages or licensing fees, or to convince a judge to decide on a verdict or settlement faster. It is no secret that a well-respected partner providing patent litigation support goes a long way with a judge or a jury. Litigation services in the form of clear, thorough claim charts, detailed reports and expert testimony simplify a courtroom experience.

Whether you are working to defend your patent from infringement or protect your products from competitor infringement claims, the expert experience and advice of patent litigation support services help maximize your patent protection to hopefully achieve the best outcomes in court.

Ready to learn more about patent litigation support services? Contact the Patent Miners at TechPats today and discover how a silent partner in patent litigation strengthens each case you encounter.

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