IP Acquisition & Divestiture

Enabling Patent Transactions in China


Many successful Chinese technology companies are now expanding their business, and selling their
products in countries outside of China. As they expand to new geographies, Chinese companies find
themselves vulnerable to patent assertions from established players in these new markets. Many have
recognized that they need a portfolio of good patents for defensive purposes. These companies are
now looking to acquire patents granted in the US, Europe and in other geographies.

TechPats has recently begun working with China’s Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) to help
our clients tap into the significant opportunities that exist in this emerging IP market. Our primary area
of focus here is patent transactions; specifically, helping foreign companies that are looking to divest
assets arrange patent sales to Chinese companies looking for valuable IP.


The Partners

With offices in Philadelphia, Ottawa, Tokyo and Taipei, TechPats is one of the leading IP advisory firms,
providing expert patent analysis in support of licensing, litigation, sales, and acquisition efforts. TechPats
has experience in supporting patent transactions around the world, and has connections with
companies looking to sell and buy patents in North America and other regions.

IPPH is a SIPO (Chinese Patent Office) organization that has been serving the Chinese IP community for
over 20 years. IPPH employs over 1,000 IP professionals offering services including:

• Corporate IP Strategy
• Patent Landscaping
• Patent Monitoring and Alerting
• Patent Identification and Portfolio Building
• Competition Analysis
• Technology Investigation
• Patentability/Invalidity Search
• Patent Sale and Purchase Assistance

With 20 branches and subsidiaries around the world, and over 80,000 users, IPPH provides access to an
extensive network to assist Chinese and foreign companies with their IP needs, making them an ideal
partner to facilitate patent transactions with Chinese companies.

If you have valuable patent assets to divest, TechPats and IPPH will help you access this market and
maximize this opportunity.