Patent Licensing Support

The effect of a properly defined and executed patent licensing program to a company’s bottom line cannot be overstated.

Companies will typically take on an assertive or defensive approach with their patent licensing strategy. In the case of the assertive approach, companies are generally trying to generate revenue and to strategically position the company with respect to their competitors. Those that choose the defensive approach are typically looking to minimize their royalty payments and guarantee their freedom to operate.

TechPats works with many of our clients to understand the power of their portfolio.

The following are ways in which TechPats can support:

  • Patent Mining
    • Out of the hundreds or thousands of patents in your portfolio, select the patents offering the best potential for licensing
  • Patent/Product Mapping
    • Determine the markets to which your patents might apply
    • Identify the companies and products likely to be infringing your patents
  • Patent Infringement Analysis
    • Collect the evidence needed to build a definitive case for infringement
    • Apply patent claims to the evidence in a clear and concise manner

When faced with defending your freedom to operate or responding to a rebuttal, TechPats is ready to support their clients with the following strategies;

  • Patent Landscape
    • Evaluate your exposure to a potential asserter’s patent portfolio
  • Prior Art Searches
    • Search for prior art in our own Digital Library and in the public domain
    • Map the prior art to the patent and provide a technical opinion on the novelty or obviousness of a patent.
  • Technical Rebuttal
    • Non-infringement analysis and opinion

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