Patent Mining And Acquisition Services

Revenue-Driving IP Portfolio Services

For your IP portfolio management program, you need to mine patents that provide a solid return on investment through licensing or litigation. Yet, patent mining and acquisition services are not a simple process. Which patents should you pursue? What is the best way to approach the current patent owner?

The experts at TechPats help you navigate these issues and questions. As experts in IP services and acquisition, we find the best “hidden gems” in the intellectual property marketplace that promise the most successful patent licensing opportunities, including those that yield hundreds of millions in revenue. Plus, we increase your profit margin by negotiating the best price for every patent we help you mine and purchase.

Patent Mining Process

We start by conducting an in-depth, personalized portfolio analysis of your current IP assets and reviewing your company’s product line. Unlike outsourced patent mining reviewers who might use an automated system, we review your portfolio personally. Then, we review thousands of patents and conduct extensive IP valuation to select the best, obtainable few that fit the needs and goals of your company.

However, we do not just leave the rest to you after making our recommendations. Due to our experience contacting over 6,000 patent owners through the years, we also confidently handle the negotiations of your patent purchases, reducing your potential liabilities in the case of future patent disputes.

patent mining services

Patent Mining Services in Demand

Our strategic patent mining acquisition advice also uses claim charts to identify which patents might be used offensively against you, enabling you to acquire these patents before they become a problem.

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