Patent Monetization

Putting Your IP Portfolio To Work For You

Is your initial IP investment returning what you hoped it would through patent monetization? If it is not, it should be.

With a patent monetization strategy from TechPats, your patents start working for you, generating millions in revenue through patent licensing, or possibly through litigation. To help you get the most from your IP portfolio, we offer the following patent monetization and valuation services:

IP Portfolio Evaluation And Rating

Whether for your internally owned portfolio or for the acquisition of future assets, you need an approach that identifies the most promising assets and allows you to allocate resources appropriately for maximum patent monetization. We mine your portfolio and the IP marketplace to unearth these “hidden gem” assets using our claims-based analysis and iPatents™ IP valuation software – and we get the job done fast so you are able to maximize your revenue. If you have a preferred patent rating system that differs from our own, we adapt our approach according to your preferences.

Either way, our clients can rest assured knowing that our evaluation strategies are never off-shored, and do not utilize automated tools or algorithms that simply can’t offer comprehensive, ‘no stone unturned’ results.

Assertion Target Identification & Patent Claim Charts

Identification of potential IP infringers, reverse engineering services and patent claim charts are central to your target identification efforts. To support your target identification, we create claim charts analysis by inspecting product literature, conducting teardowns and running a comprehensive battery of tests. In conjunction with your internal and external legal teams, we work alongside you to directly support your determination of infringement.

Evaluating Patent Sales And Enforcement Opportunities

IP monetization looks different for every patent and industry. As experts who have worked across the patent monetization spectrum and reviewed tens of thousands of individual patents, we help you understand the pros and cons of each approach. After an evaluation of your portfolio and a thorough patent infringement analysis, we ascertain which of your assets generates better near-term revenue through either the sale of the asset or the enforcement of the patent.

Patent Disposition For Bankruptcy And Estates

In cases of bankruptcy or estate disbursements, we work with attorneys to evaluate patent assets, determine liquidation options and implement those recommendations.

Ready to start putting your IP portfolio to work for you? Click below to connect with one of our experts and let our patent monetization strategies generate the revenue you have been searching for.