IP Portfolio Management And Development

Proven Strategies To Make The Most Of Your Intellectual Property

IP portfolio management requires consistent review, investment and updating. To know your existing patents; their technology, scope, strengths, limitations, as well as keeping up on your newly issued patents is a never ending task. Yet, without dedication, your initial IP portfolio investment suffers and produces fewer returns.

IP Management for your portfolio

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IP management services from TechPats take that burden off of your shoulders and advise your patent development decisions, assisting you with the following services:

Intellectual Property Portfolio Assessment

Amplify the returns from your patent portfolio with our claims-based IP portfolio analysis, which iteratively mines your IP portfolio and identifies the most promising assets for patent licensing or patent acquisition – assets that could be worth millions. We also carefully evaluate your intellectual property portfolio to determine which assets are best to safely abandon without affecting the overall valuation of your portfolio. By trimming assets selectively, you greatly reduce the cost of maintaining and managing your portfolio without incurring risk.

IP Portfolio Development

For investors wanting to maximize their portfolio return, TechPats works alongside inventors and creative thinkers to predict the direction of evolving technology. Then, we help you generate robust innovation disclosures that have the potential to be mined for a multitude of future claims. As a result, you acquire a number of claims and disclosures that consistently capture near-term valuable technologies.

Portfolio Due Diligence

TechPats’ patent portfolio review services give you a realistic look into the value of a broker’s offered portfolio. Because our team of patent management experts and technical staff are entirely in-house, our due diligence covers management of every aspect of a patent portfolio with an integrated approach. In our ip portfolio assessment, we research claim charts, financial impact and any available marketing materials to deliver you the most reliable recommendation for purchasing or disregarding an intellectual property portfolio offer.

Strategic Patenting

When building your portfolio with new patent claims, our strategic patent filing process frequently allows a single specification to support multiple sets of claims. This practice reduces your patent development costs while providing maximum coverage of inventive concepts. Expansive coverage also discourages your competitors from producing design-arounds because they prove too difficult, costly or impractical. Click below to start a conversation with a knowledgeable TechPats Patent Miner about your specific IP portfolio management and development needs.

Patent Valuation Firm

Many small and medium sized companies would like to list their patents as assets to enhance the value of their company for financing or M&A purposes. TechPats IP valuation services provide the technical and business data on which a valuation can be made.

Patent Acquisition

Another key source of patents is to purchase them. In these situations you must often evaluate a portfolio in a very short time to decide whether to place a bid and decide how much to bid. One of TechPats’ specialties is finding the key patents in the portfolio on a tight schedule, and delivering to you the information you need in order to make your decision.

Patent Divestiture

Patents that provide no benefit to the assignee may be sold to generate revenue. TechPats can help by first reviewing patents to identify candidates to be sold as well as acting as a broker to find potential buyers and complete the sale.

Click below to start a conversation with a knowledgeable TechPats expert about your specific IP portfolio management and development needs.