Strategy Development

Strategy Development

TechPats successfully applies its IP expertise and business acumen to support companies in various industries with the establishment of Intellectual Property Strategies.

TechPats’ credentials and experience include:

· Engineering and Scientists team with average 15 years experience in IP analysis

· A sustained company history of 22 years in the Intellectual Property Industry

· Team members with degrees from Harvard Business School and Rutgers University

· Experience in strategy development: Director IP Strategy at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs; Director Disruptive Business and Technology at Nortel

The IP Strategy Project examples below have been selected to illustrate diversity of IP strategy support projects for clients in Europe, Asia and in the US. These projects usually last several months and often TechPats is being retained to contribute to the implementation of an IP strategy adopted by the clients.

TechPats and client share and jointly develop confidential information related to business plans, organization effectiveness, competition and markets, which are strictly protected through encrypted emails, password protected cloud-based repositories and other measures.

IP Strategy to Face Technological and Business Disruption

Client: Automotive OEM

Challenge: Autonomous driving creates technological, business and IP disruptions among the

established OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Our client recognized the need for the development of a proactive IP strategy.

Strategic Goal: Assess the risk of patent assertion from emerging competitors and prepare a

defense strategy

TechPats Analysis:

· Landscape of patents applicable to autonomous driving; identification of patent holders in each technology area

· SWOT of client’s patent position; identification of portfolio gaps

· Global litigation landscape related to client’s strategy; identification and ranking of the most likely aggressors


· Client decided to pursue a targeted counter-assertion strategy

· TechPats has been retained for patent acquisition and strategic patenting programs

Market Entry IP Support

Client: Industrial Conglomerate

Challenge: Client plans to enter market in new geographic region with its established product/technology and is concerned about the competitive threat

Strategic Goal: Assess competitive risk and identify market entry strategy options

TechPats Analysis:

· Competitive technology/patent landscape; identification of competing technology solutions form major players in the target geographic market

· SWOT of client patent position; identification of portfolio gaps and assessment of risk of assertion from major competitors

· Identification of innovative companies with complementary products and a presence in the target geographic market


· Client considered acquisition of one of the innovative companies identified by TechPats.

· The market downturn caused client to revisit approach and subsequently to abandon the market entry plan based on TechPats’ assessment of the risk and exposure.

IP Organization Advisory

Client: Multinational Consumer Product Company

Challenge: Growth through acquisition of companies in various countries created a challenge in managing IP across multiple product lines

Strategic Goal: Assess IP position of each country entity, identify options for new IP

Organization structure and processes for strengthening the company’s IP position globally

TechPats Analysis:

· Competitive technology/patent landscapes in each country;

· SWOT of client patent position; identification of portfolio gaps and assessment of risk of assertion from major competitors

· Assessed present IP organization structure and developed benchmarks for IP organization based on multiple interviews with several representative international companies

· Analyzed options for new IP management processes, KPIs and IP organization (centralized, distributed, hybrid) for client consideration


· TechPats became a partner to the client’s IP organization through the entire IP organization effectiveness redesign process which lasted 2 years.

· TechPats participated in meetings with IP groups of subsidiaries in various countries.

TechPats Analysis Tools and Methodologies

· Clarivate Analytics patent database

· Patent Litigation databases

· TechPats’ patent and technology landscape methodology

If your company is considering a new IP strategy, is looking to strengthen its current IP strategy or looking for M&A intellectual property strategy support, TechPats can offer this suite of technical services and capabilities to help you navigate through this new challenging environment.

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