Telecom / Internet and Cloud


Telecom / Internet and Cloud

Technology Overview

The Telecom/Internet and Cloud industry continues to progress at a rapid rate today. There is a large demand for services requiring high bandwidth and an increasingly large number of applications in this space. These applications cover a very broad range of technologies, including technologies relating to:

TechPats has a number of technical experts with extensive experience in, R&D, technology and product development in the above technology areas.

Characterization of the Area/Industry Impact

Growth of broadband traffic continues at a rapid rate. Globally, mobile-data traffic is growing by more than 50% per year and wireline traffic growth increasing at a rate of about 20%. Cable companies represent a significant segment of the communications segments that benefit from this growth. This tremendous growth provides a driver for new technologies and IP (Intellectual Property). Driving forces for the telecom industry include mobile money and related machine-to-machine communications, cloud offerings, OTT players and LTE and the convergence to an all-IP network.

IP Challenges – Key Issues in the Industry

Clients with patent portfolios who want to monetize their portfolios need extensive expertise to understand the relevant technologies and the technology landscapes and markets. They also need to show value of patents within their portfolios by showing evidence that their patented technologies are actually being used in commercial products and applications. This requires in-depth knowledge of the relevant technologies and very specific skills and capabilities in testing and reverse engineering to uncover the required evidence of commercial use in products and services.

TechPats’ Approach and Differentiation – Our Solution to Industry Problems

TechPats’ technical and patent experts have year of relevant industry experience and understand the technologies and markets related to the Telecom/Internet and Cloud industry. We have expertise to help you with, among other services, understanding the market and IP landscapes, addressing your needs for technical expertise and expert witnesses in IP-related related matters and development of monetization strategies, including finding EoU (Evidence of Use) of your Intellectual Property. Our solutions are customized to suit your needs.

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TechPats is the world’s leading full-service Intellectual Property consulting firm. We bring together patent expertise, technical excellence, and business acumen across a wide range of markets and technologies. 

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