TechPats has excellent expertise in Bluetooth technology, including expertise in the IEEE 802.15.1 standard, BLE (Bluetooth low Energy) and the latest standard Bluetooth 5.0

We have a number of technical experts with over 25 years of experience in R&D, product development and development of standards. We also have testing capabilities that allow us to conduct testing both in a lab environment (captive testing) and in live commercial networks. Other more traditional reverse engineering capabilities such as software RE and circuit extraction are also available when testing solutions are not sufficient.

Whether it is to confirm use of an essential feature of a standard, an optional feature of the standard, an implementation specific feature related to the standard or other non-standardized feature, TechPats has a wide range of capabilities for testing those features. Each solution has it advantages and disadvantage and we select the best solution for the client needs.

Testing Examples: 

Figure 1 shows an example test setup for Bluetooth testing. Two Bluetooth devices are connected to each and a monitoring laptop is capable of monitoring the communications between the Bluetooth devices.

Figure 1 – Example test setup for Bluetooth passive testing

A second approach for conducting Bluetooth testing involves the use of an instrumented monitoring device. The device has special software and possibly special hardware for monitoring Bluetooth communications. Figure 2 below show an example setup using an instrumented monitoring device.

Figure 2 – Example test setup for Bluetooth testing using an instrumented monitoring device

The above test setups provide us with the capability to conduct sophisticated testing involving the following capabilities, for example:

  • Capture all Bluetooth traffic across all channels
  • Capture Bluetooth traffic in both lab and field environments
  • Investigate Spectrum Coexistence with WiFi traffic
  • Packet Error Rate Statistics
  • Message sequence charts
  • RF-PHY testing
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